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About Us

Belair Road Discount, LLC has been in the same location for the past 40 years! Gus Kaminaris is a master technician who originally started this business back in 1974. He still owns and operates Belair Road Discount today, and is here to serve you with prompt and friendly service for your electronic repair needs.

Gus values customer service and is committed to fixing your TV, Computer, or other electronic device. With 40 years of experience under his belt, Gus has seen most problems associated with electronics so he will make sure the job is done correctly.

Come in and see us before buying new. A majority of the time we will fix the TV or electronic device you have at a fraction of the price of buying new!

40 Years
at the Same Location!

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Business Hours:
9am - 5pm
Mon., Tues, Thurs. Fri.
9am - 2pm Wed.
Closed Sat., Sun.

Belair Road Discount Electronics, LLC

5718 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21206

Phone: 410-254-2400